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to bless you and your volunteers for their service. [applause] we have another very special guest with us tonight, a hard- core rock star. the commanding general of one of the greatest military institutions. if you do not believe me, too were it yourself. do not mess with this general. the marine corps has been with us since 1950 and they have trained there for every major conflict of the 20th and 21st century. we are so proud of our marine corps. we are so proud that the most impressive training facility in the world is located here in south carolina. and we are proud that general reynolds has found our state to be her home. [applause] i would now ask that you indulge me a brief moment of personal privilege. when we at the family started this administration one of the biggest challenges was moving into a house that was a museum. a wonderful, beautiful, historic building. a museum nonetheless. as a mom, my biggest challenge was to make that house into a home for all of us. we were blessed to have a family that welcomed us and understood the games our kids would play a putting wigs on stat
and at the same time prevent us from making those investments. what are those weaknesses? a tax system that works against us, not for us. a workforce that isn't as trained and skilled as it needs to be. an education system that isn't as efficient and rigorous as the world demands. a population whose health ranks among the worst in the nation. and a heavy sword called the public pension unfunded liability that dangles by a thread above us. ladies and gentlemen, if we solve those challenges, kentucky will lead the nation out of this recession. if we don't, we'll begin slipping backward, and our progress will fade away. can go either way. the good news is we know what we have to do. but delay could be deadly. and my friends, it over the past year, in national debates about the fiscal cliff and other issues, you've heard warnings about "kicking the can down the road." it's almost become a national slogan, and yes, that phrase is a clichÉ. but phrases become clichÉs because they ring with truth and here in kentucky -- right here, right now -- that clichÉ rings true. we have to stop putting off unco
of the maryland general assembly, there is more that unites us than divides us. this year, one of those things is the mighty, mighty baltimore ravens. [cheers and applause] my goodness. also bipartisan agreement. look, all of us are familiar with the ravens story, but their are also a number of remarkable people who are with us. i want to share a few of their stories with all of you. first, one of our nation's leading minds and most prominent advocates of science, technology, and engineering, math and education, some of you know them as a member of the school state board. later this week president obama will be awarding him the national medal of science for his achievement in physics. dr. james gates. [applause] two years ago, and that just two years ago, this woman has turned around a workplace into a full-time job. please welcome janice in caroline county and melissa jones harris. [applause] within the heart of every individual is a spirit and a dignity that yearns to be recognized. 12 months ago outside, the officially recognized for the first time in 380 years, the people in a ceremony tha
. that noise will be a daily reminder to me, and i hope to all of us, of the reason we were sent here. montana voters sent us here to make all our children's and grandchildren's futures brighter, more hopeful and more prosperous here in the state of montana.[applause] if we are genuine in our concern for our children's future, we'll be as careful with the state's money as we teach our children to be with theirs. if we accept that this is more about their generation than ours, we will enter this building every day committed to creating even greater opportunities than we had. if we are truly committed to making our children's future brighter, we will invest in our education system. from before they enter kindergarten to the time they leave higher education, we must prepare them to succeed in a 21st century economy. and if we are sincere in our concern for the next generation, how we deal with one another matters, not only during this session but also throughout the campaigns that bring us to these positions of public trust. every day, our kids watch what we do and learn from our example. members
my listening sessions held around wisconsin. people want us focused on things that will improve the economy and our way of life. that's why i laid out five very clear priorities for the next two years, create jobs, develop the workforce, transform and invest in our infrastructure. and it's also why i've asked the members of the legislature to stay focused on these same priorities -- and not get distracted on other issues. one of the best ways we can show their state government is focused on jobs is to pass a bill that streamlines the process for safe andstart with the legislation that was approved in the joint finance committee last session, include some reasonable modifications, and send me a bill to sign into law early this year. [applause] people in northwestern wisconsin, where the unemployment rate in iron county is the 2nd highest in the state at nearly 12 percent. but the benefits will be felt all across wisconsin. we have the potential for a billion and a half dollar investment here in our state that could lead to as many as 3,000 construction-related jobs from people in
. maryland might not be able to change what other people do with respect to climate, but we can use the process of a carbon constrained world as a means to invent a more prosperous future and drive education and industry and jobs and growth. we can act like the heart of a forward moving country whose eyes and ears are open to the world. i believe that all of us here in maryland are truly covered by the shield of his goodness. we need only the goodness to let go of falsehoods, mention this, the shortsightedness of rash and in balanced decisions, the things of our past that no longer serve. once leaving them behind, we will make a new world free from fear and worthy of our children's love and trust. thank you all very much. [applause] >> he talked about job growth in his plans to improve education in the state. it is 45 minutes. thank you, president pro tem dempsey, speaker jones, judges of the missouri supreme court, lieutenant governor kinder, state officials, members of the legislature, members of my cabinet, and my fellow missourians. this evening it is my pleasure to be joined by
day we are privileged to serve them, we act in a manner that makes us worthy of being called their representatives. if we meet that test, if we are as good as the people we serve and lead, we will make wise choices today that will benefit generations of delawareans for years to come. we will give those future delawareans reason to greet a changed world with open arms, sure in the knowledge that we did for them what was done before for us, that we prepared the way for their success, that we passed onto them a delaware whose brightest days were still to come. thank you. [applause]>> arizona governor jan brewer gives the arizona state of the state address. she spoke to a joint session of the legislation in the house chamber for about 35 minutes. [applause]>> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. speaker towbin, president pierce, honorable senators and representatives of the legislature, chief justice burger and justices of the supreme court, constitutional officers, elected leaders, honored guests, tribal leaders, and my fellow arizonans. two decades ago, nearly to the day,
. these challenges demand an understanding of the world as it is and a vision of what it can become. they require us to do as delawareans have done throughout our history, including many i spoke of in my inaugural address -- not to choose what is easiest for us today, but to create a better world for our children tomorrow. it is difficult to watch the debates in washington and be confident that we are up to the task. progress falls prey to political posturing. problems get kicked down the road. delaware is not washington. we will meet the challenges of the world we now live in because of the enduring qualities that make us unique. we are a state of neighbors. we know how to move forward together. so let us shape delaware for the world we now live in, and the world our children will live in tomorrow. this new world begins in delaware's schools. i have never been more excited about the great work being done in our schools. in the last year, thousands of students moved from below or average to higher levels of achievement. graduation rates have improved steadily. more high school students are taking ad
written for us. republicans will fight internally, and democrats will be focused solely on play politics instead of working across the aisle to find common ground for good government. i think that makes characters -- caricatures of us. we're not always going to agree on what the policy is. people in this room were elected for different reasons and oftentimes because of specific issues. i think we can agree that in the end, the focus should and will be on a better tennessee. howard baker, senior state said any time he was sitting across the desk with anyone in this agreement, he would kill himself to keep in mind that the other fellow -- disagreement, he would tell himself to keep in mind the the other fellow might be right. the other fellow might be right. tennesseeans don't want us to be like washington. but what principled problem- solving. -- they want principal problem solving. [applause] over the past two years, with a lot of progress in working together. we balanced budgets. it is critical but washington did serious about getting our countries financial house in order. in talking a
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9